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Product Name:3D print advertising industry sign led letter letter liquid acrylic gear pump filling glue machine

Product Details:
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1 Set/Sets 3
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USD 3150.00-3500.00 /
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8 Set/Sets per Day
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wooden packing

Detailed Product Description:


My factory is an independent manufacturer of glue pouring machine, which is the most popular, we use gear pump for machine parts, and glue is stable. We have more than ten years of experience in advertising, and provide a set of technology. Overall, we are chosen by many customers.

XK130 glue machine
Machine size 
Dosage of glue-pouring
Clean the barrel
Capacity of charging basket
The power supply voltage
Air pressure
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Filling machine screen

Install glue and cleaning liquid at the same time, with automatic cleaning function

                     Glue gun



with gear pump, air pressure  stability, glue stability, compared with the market machine, our machine quality is better


1. Glue machine ready

2.Press iron block on the letter case 

3. Set the glue amount of 15 words for automatic glue filling

4. Glue it with a glue gun

5. After curing, it falls off perfectly

6. The finished product to show

Finished Products

Our Company team

                Photo taken at guangzhou fair

                 Large product exhibition hall

                Guangzhou exhibition site

                    Our team trains outdoors


Service training

Technical staff to teach customers to use glue pouring machine for glue pouring training

In addition to the glue dispenser, the whole process will be taught, such as the                                             3D printer process

In addition to the glue pouring machine, I will also teach the whole process, such as                 zhuoli glue process


Q: what is glue pouring machine?

A:  Glue pouring machine is a matching machine for 3D advertising words. In glue pouring, you don't need to pour by hand. You can set 15 words directly and type them accurately.

Q: Pour glue machine in the end good sell abroad? 

 A: This machine has little competition in foreign countries, and this machine is needed for outdoor advertising. In addition, our company's irrigation tape has gear pump and other brand accessories, stable air pressure, stable rubber, good quality, this product is popular.


Q: How many days can you deliver the goods?  

A: Received deposit or full payment, 7~10 days from the date of shipment, but if the number is more, with the number, increase the date, can be negotiated.

Q:After-sales service?

A: This machine is very easy to operate, we will tell you the details online first, and can teach you the whole process, if there are other problems, we can send technicians overseas to help solve the problem