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Product Name:Zhuoli two-component outdoor advertising led letter high quality transparent clear liquid epoxy resin

Product Details:
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USD 6.00-8.50 /
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2000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Day
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wooden packing

Detailed Product Description:





ab glue.jpg






 Finished products show











 Product parameters


 Product features:

This product is environmentally friendly anti-yellowing epoxy resin adhesive, with low viscosity, good leveling and defoaming, can be cured at normal temperature and medium temperature, with moderate curing speed, no moisture absorption and whitening at low temperature, keep the surface flat, bright, transparent, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, cold and heat impact resistance, oil and dust resistance.



Scope of application:

It is suitable for covering and sealing all kinds of LED words, LED modules, LED strips, LED lights, stickers, trademarks, EVA/PVC panels, hangtags, badges, crafts and other products.




(1) clean the surface of the dripping product and keep it dry.

(2) according to the requirements of weight ratio, mix glue A and B thoroughly and evenly to avoid incomplete curing.

(3) apply glue timely after mixing evenly. In order to reduce waste, try to use up the glue solution within the available time. During the operation, keep the product in a horizontal position to avoid overflow of glue solution during curing. After the operation, clean the used containers and utensils as soon as possible to avoid glue solidifying on the tools.





Post-curing characteristic



Name  hard adhesive for luminous word  software for luminous word 
    Hardness    (Shore D) 75-83  40-60
   Water absorption        (25℃,%/24h) <0.1  <0.1
compressive streng(Mpa)   ≥20  ≥3.5
 bending strength   (Mpa)   ≥1.5 ≥3.0 
 tensile strengt      (Mpa)   ≥1.3 ≥2.7 
          elongation      (%)  / ≥300 
    curing shrinkage  (%) <0.5   <0.5
















3 .jpg




1. After mixing, it is suggested to vacuum the glue to remove bubbles in the mixing process, or to let it stand for 10-20 minutes before using, so as to break the bubbles in time.


2. If the product is heated and solidified, it can be allowed to stand for a period of time before entering the oven. If there are still bubbles on the surface, the method of flame defoaming can be used to remove the bubbles; The more glue that is mixed together, the faster the reaction will be and the faster the curing speed will be. Please pay attention to control the amount of glue that is mixed at one time, because the time available for use will be shortened due to the faster reaction.


3. Usable time: refers to the time when the viscosity of 100g mixed adhesive solution is doubled under the condition of 25℃, but it cannot be used after the usable time.


4. Very few people may have mild skin allergy or itching if they touch the adhesive solution for a long time. It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using it. Please try out the product in small quantities before using it in large quantities.





















                       The product should be kept sealed in a ventilated, cool and dry place, with a shelf life of six months.                                  The packaging specification is 20kg per group, including 15kg/3 drums of main agent and                                                                                     5kg/ drum of curing agent.




                    Note: the above performance data are typical data of the product tested at 70% humidity and 25℃                                    temperature. They are only for reference when customers use them. They cannot                                                      guarantee  all the  data that can be achieved in a specific environment. Please use the                                                                               measured data  as the standard.

























 Warm prompt


One:   what reason is glue occurrence does not stick and do not cure?

Answer:   this type of glue must be in accordance with its ratio, and it is the electronic weight ratio, not the volume ratio. Also, look at the temperature. If it's too cold, it's recommended to heat it up to 25 degrees before stirring.



Second:  we do not have vacuum equipment, how to defoaming?  

Answer: dear, there is no vacuuming equipment no matter, our glue is natural defoaming, glue thoroughly after mixing, stationary 5-20 minutes, can automatically defoaming.



Three:  why is our glue seven days old and still not solidified?  

Answer: if the product is hard glue for 3 days and soft glue for 7 days and still does not cure, 1. Please check whether the ratio is based on weight; 2. 2. Whether the stirring method is correct or not. Considering environmental protection and safety, the curing agent is water-based, which is as thin as water. 3. If you can confirm that there is no problem with 1 and 2, then this is very important. The proportion of A component +B component of the primary glue should be more than 50 grams, and the proportion must be weighed by electrons.  


Four:  glue mix mix which component first pour?  

Answer: when mixing this product, please pour glue B into the blender, and then pour glue A.



Five:  I still don't understand what to do?

Answer: then please contact our customer service, we are ready to serve you 24 hours a day.



Six:  What about the quality of your service?

Answer: We have a professional engineer one-on-one 7*24 service telephone service, when the product is confirmed,

If it is express delivery, place the order before 10 am, deliver the goods in the morning and at 3 PM; Order 30 days ago and deliver the goods in the afternoon.

Dongguan city full purchase of 3,000 yuan of urgent delivery + technical guidance, guangdong province full purchase of 1W home delivery + technical guidance.

Express delivery and logistics will be delivered within 24 hours. We promise: the earliest delivery time is 1 hour and the slowest delivery time is 24 hours!






After-sales service




Payment method and after-sales service:


1. The company's payment method supports T/T or Western Union


2. After delivery, our company has professional after-sales customer service personnel to track the in-transit status of products for you, so as to ensure the safety and fast delivery of products to customers.


3. Senior engineers can enjoy a full range of quality one-to-one service for free and give professional advice in the production and operation process. The company's professional engineers can also according to customer requirements, research and development of a variety of different performance of products, curing conditions, temperature grades, color, surface gloss, transparency, hardness and other aspects, to make appropriate deployment, to meet customer's different needs!


4. Our company promises that if there is any quality problem in the normal operation, we will replace the goods unconditionally, and our company will bear the freight incurred on the way.